Episode 1

Filming Date : June 21, 2010
Broadcast Date : July 11, 2012

Guest(s) : Lee Hyori (singer), Hwang Jung Eum (actress)
Location : SBS Mok-Dong building [introduction]; Times Square shopping mall (Yeongdeungpo Disctrict, Seoul)

Teams : Expensive team (Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Joong Ki, Hwang Jung Eum), Cheap team (Ji Suk Jin, Gary, HaHa, Lee Hyori)

Mission : Find the secret code to get out of the mall.
Race/games : 

  1. Treasure hunt for the most expensive item in the mall. Nametags can be ripped off;
  2. Race in a clothe rack. The winners of the clothe rack race start the next race earlier, the losers have to drink a huge bowl of colored water before starting;
  3. Treasure hunt for the thing that helps the mall saves energy;
  4. Kawi Bawi Bo (Rock Paper Scisors) of the face while wearing a cap glued to the one of the oponent. The winners gets the privilege to play first for the other game;
  5. Chicken fighting against a flock of citizens. The winners starts first;
  6. Treasure hunt for the cheapest item in the mall + Nametags can be ripped off;
  7. Getting into the photo shot (in the bridal shop).

There might be a race that isn’t shown in the episode because they need 5 digits to get out, though we only see 4 of them being found.

Best/interesting/funny moment(s) : The clothe rack race and the chicken fighting are really really funny. The introduction is also quite laughable.
Stuff that you need to know : In this episode, they talk about Ji Suk Jin getting a nose job. That’s partially why he is known as Big Nose Hyung. Kim Jong Kook and Song Joong Ki both interrupted Lee Kwang Soo when I was trying to say something (they’re going to talk about that in the next episode).

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